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Phase 1

I was studying to be a sound technician, meanwhile I was developing videogames on Arma 3 engine, using his propietary language SQF.

I developed:

  • PoP Life (source): It's a life simulator and roleplaying game mode. Players can choose to play as civilians, police or medics. The police enforce the laws and protect the innocent civilians from dangerous criminals. Civilians can earn a living through picking food, mining minerals, delivering packages, trafficking drugs and more.

  • Desolation by Icaruk & nerkaid: It's a survival PvPvE MMORPG. The world is devastated and up to 100 players will try to survive in Lemnos 270 km² greek island dominated by two factions. The players must join a faction and fight their enemies, complete quests, upgrade their equipment, level up, learn new skills and conquest zones.

  • p0: It's a life simulator and roleplaying game mode. With all the base features from PoP Life, p0 has a player driven economy. Up to 150 players can build enterprises and hire other players to work for them. All the food, vehicles and tools are crafted by these enterprises prior recolecting materials, processing them, crafting products and selling them on player shops. This is like PoP Life but more complex and more economy oriented.

I spent a total of 7500 hours on these projects.

Phase 2

Working as sound technician on FLUGE (Viñarock festival and others), various orchestras, my home studio, Marina d'Or and other audiovisual event enterprises.
I had no time or energy left to code.

Phase 3

I can't find more jobs so I decide to do a bootcamp where I learn the basics to find my first IT job.